Story of Felli

Founded by Mike and Sylvia in 1985, Felli was born from their inspiration to create a better option for food storage. They observed the limitations of existing glass and ceramic canisters – overly heavy and easily breakable – so they invented a food storage container that was transparent, durable, and airtight by using a metal buckle on an acrylic canister.

Since then, as the storage collection that finally organized pantry shelves, Felli has grown to offer a diverse collection of houseware products for the kitchen, bathroom, backyard, and even for your fur baby. We offer inspired living through high quality products, brilliant designs, and practical solutions at an approachable price. We believe that a cozy and well organized home helps to ensure a pleasant and relaxing life. And while our solutions seem simple, how we make them isn’t. To build style with purpose, we have a commitment to innovation and an open mind, allowing us to connect with people and deliver a product line that reflects your needs and desires – whether that means offering an effortless and comfortable lifestyle or going totally BPA-free. This extends to sustainability: our products help your commitment to reduce waste. We build them to last for the long haul so you can reuse rather than replace. Moreover, Felli insists on existing in harmony with the environment and local communities.

That’s why we’re constantly optimizing our energy and carbon efficiency as well as improving on how we give back to society.

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Felli Perspective

Although the hustle and bustle of everyday life so often gets in our way, Felli helps people keep life simple and love the moments that matter at home.

Home is a place where you feel love. Felli aims to bring simple, flexible, and delightful ideas to the home and makes home not only a feel-good place to be, but also an enjoyable experience. We empower you to discover your home inspiration and to keep your living space clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing so you can pamper yourself after a long day at work. Creating products with love for 37 years, Felli is making lives better across the globe.