On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official
On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official

On the Go Snack Cup - Green

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Introducing our Felli On the Go Snack Cup - the perfect blend of convenience, sustainability, and style. Crafted from BPA FREE Acrylic, this cup is your eco-friendly alternative to disposal containers.

Not limited to yogurt, this versatile snack cup is perfect for layering fruit parfaits, granola, chia seeds pudding, overnight oats, cereal milk or any snack of your choice. The transparent design adds a visual appeal to your creations, making them even more tempting. 

Whether you're heading to work, school, or outdoor activities or picnic, our snack cup is ideal companion. Our acrylic material is lightweight, drop proof, and the secure canning lid is leak-proof, allowing you to enjoy your favorite snacks on the go. 


Feeling Snacky & Healthy

Anytime, Anywhere. 

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The lid is designed to provide a secure seal, preventing any leakage or spill during transportation. This feature is especially important when carrying liquids like milk or yogurt as part of overnight oats recipe.



The removable compartment lid is easy to assemble. This compartment allows you to store additional toppings or mix-ins separately from base such as chia seed pudding, oatmeal, milk, or yogurt. This feature ensures that the ingredients remain fresh and prevent sogginess.


The clip-on feature is to eliminate the need to carry a separate spoon while making sure the user always has a spoon on hand for convenience. Spoons can also be stored right inside the cup when finishing the snack without creating any mess.



Containers can be customized to suit individual tastes with your preferred milk, yogurt, whipped cream, smoothie, sweetener, ingredient such as oats, chia seeds, almonds, fresh fruits & berries, bananas, making them a nutritious meal with high in fiber and protein.



Cups can be safely used in both the fridge and freezer, making food prep convenient. Also it’s dishwasher-safe, easy to clean and ready to use.



You’re entitled to a replacement for a failure of substantial character and defects in material and workmanship for a period of One (1) Year from the date of original retail purchase.


Care Instructions

- Always remove silicone pad before wash. 

- Dishwasher Safe

- Do not microwave


2 x 12oz.

On the Go Snack Cup - Green - Felli Official

On the Go Snack Cup - Green

Regular price $9.99
Sale price $9.99 Regular price

Feeling Snacky & Healthy


High Quality

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1 Year Warranty

More Details

Grab & Go!!!! Lightweight, portable, designed for the individuals always on the go.

100% Leak-Proof

Easy to carry, safe to use, making them ideal for commuters, outdoorsy, and travelers.

Drop & Shatter Resistant

Made of BPA-Free thick acrylic, giving the quality you expected.

BPA–FREE Material

Just the right size for individuals to carry in a bag or purse.

Easy Carry & Compact

A clip-on spoon adds convenient for portability and can be neatly stored inside of the cup when finished without creating extra mass.

Clip-On & Nesting Spoon

The topping compartment is designed in contoured for easy dispensing.

Easy Grip Design

Separated compartment to store toppings such as cereal, oatmeal, berries, fruits, chocolate chips, nuts. Enjoy a cup of fresh cereal whenever wherever

Twist-Top Compartment

Choose your favorite color to start a day.

Assorted Colors

easy to clean, ready to use.

Dishwasher Safe

Durable, reusable and cost-effective design, prioritizing long-term sustainability and financial savings.

Sustainable Lifestyle

A practical and versatile option for those who enjoy healthy life and love preparing & taking their breakfast on the go

Thoughtful Gift Option

See the contents and easily identify the layers of ingredients & textures

Glass Like Clarity

Check out what our customers are saying

The airtight storage containers are an excellent way to store food. I got into this habit when I lived on a sailboat (needed to keep everything airtight because of the moisture) and have been doing it ever since. I have a small pantry in my home and this allows me to have things organized. I love them and they come in all sized.

Gail J McClarren, United States, via Amazon

To store pasta and cereals. I like that I can stack the different sizes and use all of my shelf space.

CinMin, United States, via Amazon

Very nice and sturdy. The lids stay on sooo good! 👍They are the perfect size for my dogs treat containers. I will be purchasing other sizes for other things. I was pleasantly surprised at how tight the lids fit and the handles have great tension for air tightness.

Jessica, United States, via Amazon

I have purchased several different brands of containers in an effort to keep things fresh and nicely organized in both if my homes. These containers are my favorite. I plan to only purchase this brand as I continue to add onto my collection. The quality is great, they are air tight, easy to open with my arthritis, they are CLEAR which is what I want. (many other brands lead you to believe they are clear, but they are not). They come in a variety of sizes, you can order them in sets or single. They are priced very reasonably. Shipping was timely and they were packed well. I give them 5 stars.

Chamblie, United States, via Amazon

Love these containers! I have a tiny pantry and these containers help me to see what it in my pantry easily and quickly and is an amazing space saver! I have had one Felli container for at least 4 years and found it to be so easy to clean and durable that I decided to reorganize my whole pantry with a full set. My kids also have their snacks in Felli containers and love using them.

Alex Messarra, United States, via Amazon