Oblik Replacement dish - Felli Official
Oblik Stainless Steel Replacement - Felli Official
Oblik Stainless Steel Replacement - Felli Official
Oblik Replacement dish - Felli Official
Oblik Stainless Steel Replacement - Felli Official

Oblik - 304 Stainless Steel Replacement Dish

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304 Stainless Steel


Our Felli Oblik 304 stainless steel replacement dish can fit in both Superb Bowl (1.5Cup) & Shallow Bowl (0.5Cup). Its ideal for dry & wet food. The high polish surface prevents dried stuck on food and can be cleaned out easily which is more hygienic, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and will not absorb bacteria & odors.  


Removable plate prevents you from overfeeding and spill mess-free proof. It's easy to clean so you don't have to take the whole thing to dishwasher. 


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You’re entitled to a replacement for a failure of substantial character and defects in material and workmanship for a period of One (1) Year from the date of original retail purchase.


Care Instructions

- Dishwasher Safe

- Do not microwave



0.5 cups / 1.5 cups

5.5” x 5.5” x 1.8”

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High Quality

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1 Year Warranty

More Details

the removable bowl is easy to clean so you don't have to take the whole thing to dishwasher.

Removable Bowl

proven by many consumers that the best design of feeder for cats with whisker fatigue problem. Even ideal for flat-faced dogs and pets.

Ease Whisker Fatigue Effectively

the rubber base keeps the bowl steady on the ground.

Non-Skid Foundation

slanted & raised bowl makes cats more comfortable accessing their food without bending over.

Elevated 15° Tilted Bowl

keeps food centered and not pushed to the side with no spillover which allows your pets to easily eat out of

No Spill

water and food bowl for your selection

2 Way Bowl

food grade dish is more hygienic, non-allergenic, very easy to clean and will not absorb bacteria and odors.

403 Stainless Steel Dish

ideal for pet lovers.

A Thoughtful Gift Option

Room can be served as a storage compartment for pet food treats during outing. Or can be utilized for placing ice and cold water to keep wet food cool longer

Extra Room for Versatile Storage

Check out what our customers are saying

These Felli cat dishes are the most beautiful I’ve come across. The stainless steeldish locks into place and the the non skid bottom is sure to stay in place. The shallow bowlmakes for easy cleaning. The design is superior in its style and they are gorgeous to lookat as well. I wasn’t aware of the “Felli” Brand before I made this purchase but now I will be on thelookout for it because of its superior quality. Thank You Felli.

Nancy J Paine, via Amazon

I have a bunny, Dutchess Vonstrudelfitz, and she has floppy bunny syndrome (yes she is dirty in her picture, please dont tell her). She has to have special food and if she bends over to far, she falls. This dish has been an absolute miracle for her! She can eat without falling over, the dish is the perfect angle for her wet food mixture, does not tip over when she has fallen into it, and is easy to clean. This dish has made it so much easier for her to eat and lessened both hers and my stress with her nutrition I cannot reccomend it enough!

Amelia Q. Hollows, via Amazon

I have two cats who are fed with an open bowl policy. Before I switched to these, I was using the standard flat cat bowls and there were always a few kibbles left when it was time to refill the bowls. With these they have trouble getting every last kibble out. I've also had less barf around the house.

Michael G, via Amazon

I was really glad my husband didn't ask me how much I paid for a cat dish, because I would've been embarrassed to tell him $25.😬 I guess I was sucked in by the jewel look of that pretty blue. LOL! Anyway, nobody put a gun to my head to buy it so I will move on. I like that the dish itself is easily removed for cleaning AND adding some of my old fish tank rocks to the base for weight(as pictured.) I was worried it might be too light since it is plastic not glass and my kitty would push it as he ate

Amazon Customer

Two of my cats are seniors and they have some health issues now. I noticed my oldest wasn't finishing his canned food, so I decided to try these dishes for my old men to help them be more comfortable when eating with the height and the angle. I also throught he might need a shallower dish for his wet food even though he had never cared before. I am quite happy with my purchase and so are my boys! I also love that they come in multiple colors (I don't have to remember which dish I put what meds in anymore because each one has their designated bowl color)I know its hard to see that both cats are eating happily from their dishes, but I promise both are eating from these dishes, this is the very first time I tried them. My cats are quite particular, but they took to these immediately!

Katelyn, via Amazon